Visualeader mainly develop and research Fine pitch Led display,
rental Led display and media Led display
L Series-Rental led display
Slim and Lightweight Design; Integrated Cabling System; Full Front & Rear Access Maintenance; Two Sizes Cabinets Adaptable and Compatible Connection; Multi-functional Application; Various Installation Options.
T Series-Rental full-color led display
Renewed Angle Adjustment Lock System; Independent Modularized Design; Integrated Cabling System; Signal Person Operation; Self-protection Design; Multi-function Stage Application; Full Installation Solution.
R Series-Rental LED Display
High quality CNC die-casting design, seamless splicing; Fast spring lock design,fast connection; Light and slim design, easy for installation; Two size cabinet designs, meeting different requirements.
TG Series-GOB Rental LED Display
Renovated GOB encapsulation technology; High flatness; High reliability; Ultra fine pitch; Innovation adjustable lock system; Independent Modularized design; Single-person operation.
X Series-500*1000 LED display
Ultra Slim Design; Front & Back Access; Integrated Cabling System; Multifunctional Design; Neat Cabling Connection; Multiple Installing Methods Available.
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