The splendid Zhongshengtai New Year Gala commenced amidst the warm blessings of our dashing male and lovely female hosts on the evening of January 17th, at 18:30. Tonight, I have the pleasure of bringing to you the highlights of Zhongshengtai’s annual festivity.

Zhongshengtai's Night of Celebration: Embracing a Glorious 2019

Our hosts kicked off the gala with an upbeat and exciting welcome, their voices brimming with festive joy and anticipation for the future.

Following the opening, our respected General Manager, Mr. Chen Tao, took the stage to deliver a speech. He reflected on the impressive achievements made through the concerted efforts of the Zhongshengtai team in 2018. With inspiring words, he marked our commitment to a win-win 2019 for our clients, employees, and shareholders alike. Mr. Chen’s speech was filled with confidence, instilling in everyone a new sense of hope and motivation for the year ahead.

Zhongshengtai's Night of Celebration: Embracing a Glorious 2019

As the joyful music played, the banquet officially began. Clients, suppliers, employees, and shareholders of Zhongshengtai gathered together to enjoy a sumptuous meal, toast to our accomplishments, and welcome the new year.

A highlight of the evening’s celebrations was the Outstanding Employee Awards segment. The company expressed its deep gratitude to those employees who excelled in the past year, awarding them with honors to recognize their hard work and outstanding contributions.

General Manager Mr. Chen Tao personally presented the Special Contribution Awards, acknowledging those employees who made significant contributions to the company’s growth. Subsequently, the Best Team Award was granted to the team that exhibited exceptional team spirit and performance achievements in the past year.

Zhongshengtai's Night of Celebration: Embracing a Glorious 2019

The climax of the evening was the talent show performed by our employees. Not only do they possess great skills in their work, but they also showcased their extraordinary talents on stage, bringing laughter and joy to everyone present.

Finally, the thrilling Lucky Draw brought the evening to a high. With a variety of exciting prizes, the raffle intensified the atmosphere of the gala. Every participant held their breath in anticipation, hoping to be the lucky winner.

As the series of joyful activities and memorable moments drew to a close, so did the Zhongshengtai New Year Gala. We not only celebrated a year of hard work and achievements but also filled the new year with hope and vigor. Let us carry this joy and inspiration forward into an even more glorious 2019.