Product Guarantee:

1. The warranty period of LED display, LED module and accessories is 2 years, during this period, if there is any quality problem, we will provide free repair or replacement service.
2. Lifetime warranty is provided and only raw material cost is charged.

Technical training:

1. Provide free technical training, including operation training and maintenance training in our factory.
2. After mutual consultation, we can send engineers to your company.

Instant communication service:

If customers encounter any problems when using the display, they can get technical support services through telephone, instant messaging tools and remote assistance.

On-site installation guidance and commissioning training service:

After the customer purchases the display, our company will provide on-site installation guidance and commissioning training services for a fee. Our service engineers will provide customers with technical guidance on installation, display commissioning, as well as use and maintenance training.

On-site support services for major events:

According to customer demand, our company arranges service engineers for a fee to provide customers with on-site technical support for major events and escort your large-scale activities to run smoothly.

Additional services:

We provide you with free flight information, structure information, etc. for your reference.