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Advertising LED display features

Our affordable and sophisticated advertising LED screens are designed to show products and activities to people both indoors and outdoors. With clear and bright images, your product will highlight its best advantages.

Outdoor commercial LED display

This outdoor advertising LED screen with low power consumption and bright and clear images can attract the attention of passers-by, provide eye-catching video and promotional activities, highlight your product.

Indoor commercial LED display

The unparalleled brightness and contrast make our indoor advertising LED screens the primary focus of attention for anyone walking. We provide clear images, low power consumption and dark colors.

1. Efficient exhaust fan and heat dissipation design

2. Uniform color and high contrast ensure a clear and sharp image

3. Strong and firm, LED display screen will not deform or deform with time

4. Stable signal and power supply can extend the service life of LED display screen

5. Low power consumption reduces operating costs

6. The protection level is up to IP65, making the LED screen waterproof and dustproof

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