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Electronics Engineer
Electronics Engineer 8000 — 12000 元
Work area:Shenzhen | wage:Negotiable
Description of position:

1. Responsible for PCB layout and BOM production of LED display; 

2. Formulated LED display electronic process documents and electronic material verification process, and organized and supervised their implementation; 

3. Followed up the project schedule, product proofing, trial production and other research and development related work;

4. Responsible for prototype production, debugging, design verification and producibility evaluation of the developed products; 

5. Assisted in solving the inspection standards, test schemes and other related problems of electronic products in production;

Job Requirements:

1. More than 2 years of LED display design experience; More than 3 years working experience in PCB Layout of LED display, proficient in the principle and structure of LED display; 

3. Familiar with multi-layer board design experience, able to draw 4 to 6 layers of LED panel PCB independently; 

4. Familiar with specifications and applications of various electronic components, good at circuit design and power supply fault analysis and treatment; 

5. Experience in LED display EMC design and rectification; Proficient in Protel99se, AltiumDesigner, skilled in AutoCAD and other software; 

7. Familiar with LED display and control systems such as Nova, Kalette and Ling Star Rain.

8. College degree or above, major in computer, communication, automation, electronics, etc.

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